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Published on: Video Testimonials

Comparing On-Location Vs Remote Video Testimonials

Nothing comes close to that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when a customer shares their praise. And while that emotional satisfaction might feel like enough thanks, it can actually have a much higher purpose…

The testimonial of a happy customer is worth its weight in gold. In fact, 85% of customers say they trust online customer reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. And using customer testimonials regularly can generate approximately 62% more revenue per year!

This means getting just one testimonial from a happy customer can potentially lead to hundreds or even thousands of new customers for your business.

Also, take into account that 66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product, which makes video testimonials one of the most powerful tools available.

But does it matter how you capture a video testimonial?

Let’s look at the two most popular methods of collecting video testimonials and some things to take into consideration when deciding which method is right for you:

On-Location Video Testimonials

On-location video testimonials involve sending a video crew to a customer’s home or place of work to interview them about their experience with your company. The video is normally produced by doing a few separate takes and editing them together to create a complete testimonial.

Remote Video Testimonials

Remote video testimonials involve interviewing a customer via an online video platform. In this method, customers can conduct the interview from anywhere they feel comfortable. Videos can then be edited using different parts of the interview along with other visuals to create a captivating testimonial.

Due to current social distancing restrictions, it may be difficult to conduct on-location video testimonials. But that shouldn’t stop you from moving forward on collecting them! 

Remote video testimonials are a wonderful (and socially-distant) option to help you engage potential customers.

Let’s look at some other ways in which these two different formats stack up:


The first thing to consider when planning your video testimonials is your budget.

Generally, on-location video interviews are much more expensive than conducting remote video interviews and testimonials. Between buying video equipment or hiring a crew, and then paying for editing, travel, and fees, an on-location shoot can end up being thousands of dollars.

In comparison, a remote testimonial is usually a much cheaper option. There is no equipment needed. You won’t need a crew, incur travel expenses (or even have to leave your chair). 

However, you may want to invest in outsourcing remote video coordination, recording and editing to a professional. 

Giving a video testimonial is a nice favor, and while most happy customers are more than willing to do it, you don’t want to have to ask them twice. 

Getting it right the first time is vital, so if you have it in the budget, seek out a professional company who can help.

Time and effort

Similar to expenses, the time and effort required to do an on-location video testimonial will far outweigh the time and expense required to record your testimonial remotely. You’ll need to:

  • find a local crew, 
  • find an open slot in their schedule that matches up with your client, 
  • coordinate logistics, and,
  • then film and edit the actual testimonial, which can all weeks or months to complete.

With remote video interviews, the testimonial recording and editing can be actually be done in a matter of days (barring your customer’s schedule). 

For the customer, it’s as simple as hopping on a video call and answering a few questions. The real work is done behind the scenes afterward with the editing and packaging of your video and getting it ready to share.

Consider your customer

Some customers may feel a bit camera shy if your video testimonial recording becomes a big production. 

For example, sending a crew to a customer’s home or office can sometimes be intimidating or require the customer to do a lot more preparation than a remote video interview would entail. 

However, if you have a customer who you believe would be more comfortable doing the interview in person (such as someone who might not have the proper equipment or technical savvy to record remotely) do take that into consideration.

Due to the mass exodus of offices to work from home environments this past year, many people have become familiar with online video tools. For those who feel confident using these tools, and online recording may feel more easeful.

The key to getting an effective testimonial is to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible and speak in a conversational, unscripted tone. 

So don’t hesitate to simply ask them which they prefer!

Outcome and use

When considering how you want to record your customer testimonials, ask yourself these questions:

  • When you picture the finished product of your customer testimonial, what do you see?
  • How do you plan to use this testimonial?

If you are looking for cinematic-level quality for your testimonials (for example, you plan to use them on a large screen during conferences, etc.) it would likely make more sense to conduct an on-location recording with professional-grade equipment. 

On the other hand, if you’re simply looking for a great customer video you can host on your social media channels, website, or blog, a remote video testimonial may be a better fit.

Need some help?

If you’re new to the world of recording video testimonials remotely, consider bringing on a trusted partner who can help.

Our team at VideoVouch can produce beautiful, quality remote video testimonials with your customers—as well as edit, and prep them for sharing.

If you’re looking for a great way to humanize your brand, convey the emotions of your customers, and close more business through video testimonials, we can help you make it happen. 

How ever you choose to record your customer testimonial, know that capturing their recommendation on camera can and will be well worth the effort!