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Get Remotely Captured

Video Story Testimonials

Powerful Videos For Your Website & Social Media

Have clients record their story with guided prompts from a webcam or phone, and we’ll turn their responses into inspiring video stories that attract leads and close sales.

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Facts Tell, But Stories Sell

Sales Boosting Video Content

Struggling to create effective content that actually converts leads and wins you sales? Leverage user-generated video stories to amplify social proof, trust, and credibility with engaging and inspiring videos that share the struggles, journey, and achievements of your clients.

Increase Revenue

Win more sales with social proof by leveraging authentic videos featuring client results and success stories.

Shareable Stories

Easily have your audience share on social and tag or mention clients to boost organic reach & engagement.

Generate Content

Get powerful user-generated content that can be repurposed and leveraged across your website and social media.

Boost Conversions

Utilize videos and testimonials to increase conversion rates for more effective and profitable campaigns.

Personal Branding

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Strike a strong emotional bond with potential buyers.

Enhance Credibility

Standout and be more transparent by giving prospects the ability to see real stories from happy and loyal clients.

How It Works

Hassle-Free Video Production

Send clients to your video capture page (we create for you) where they record their story remotely with a phone or webcam. Our team will then edit, transform, and optimize their responses into a treasure chest of content that can be used across your marketing.

1. Story Capture

Clients record their story on video using a multi-question process that can be done with a webcam or phone in minutes.

2. Video Editing

We take their recorded clips, find the best parts, and edit into polished videos and social clips that highlight their story.

3. Final Approval

Request revisions or mark as approved. We then transcribe the audio as a formatted document and send you all the files.

Get 3 Videos Per Story

Amplify Your Social Proof

Increase the reach, visibility, and impact of your client success stories and video testimonials with multiple durations for your website, blog, paid ads, and social media channels.

Video Testimonial

Long-form 2 to 3 minute landscape and optional vertical (IGTV) video featuring your client’s journey and experience.

Social Highlight

Short-form 30 to 60 second highlight clip optimized for social media with branded design, heading, and audio captions.

Video Audiogram

Bite-sized 15 to 30 second audiogram clip that feature stylized quotes. Available in either square or vertical format.

Brand Template Sets

Hook Viewers & Grab Attention

Have your brand stand out with custom template sets designed by our team that are optimized for social media with multiple sizes perfect for viewing on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with companies and coaches who provide professional services or educational courses and training. Creating videos for Agencies, Consultants, Coaches, Education, and other Online Businesses that are looking to increase social proof and create video content for their business or brand at scale.

We’re focused on creating simple, but effective video success stories that can be done quickly and affordably. Our capture pages makes it easy for your clients or students to record video remotely in a matter of minutes, and our editing team is able to send you polished videos within a few days, not weeks or months.

However, you may NOT be a good fit for our services if you’re looking for high-production corporate style videos, need a high degree of custom editing, or require 4K cinematic “pixel perfect” videos. Our goal is to help you capture great personal stories that feel raw and authentic.

To get started, see our pricing options and select the best plan for your needs (or request a sample order for only $149). If you have any questions you can email us or schedule a call with a member of our team.

Once you signup, you’ll get access to our customer portal where you can manage your profile, payment details, orders, and communicate with our team. We’ll also send you a quick questionnaire form to help us learn more about you, your business, and your needs.

Within the first few days after signup, we’ll draft (5) interview questions for your video capture page (based on info you provided in the questionnaire), which you can either approve or request changes to.

After we confirm the interview questions with you, we’ll create your video capture page, personalize with your details, add your interview questions, finalize configurations, and conduct a final overview.

Once you have a client, student, or member who is interested in sharing their story (don’t ask for a testimonial, ask for their story!), you can send them to your opt-in landing page (email/text or directly from your website) to confirm their details and agree to a release form (granting you rights to use their likeness). When confirmed, they’ll be redirected to your capture page to begin.

When on the capture page, they’ll be greeted with your welcome video (optional video that we can help you record), a short description about how the process works, and a few tips/best practices for recording their video.

When ready to begin, your clients reply to a series of questions using their phone or webcam and the whole process only takes 5-10 minutes. Video recordings are then automatically uploaded online, and sent to our team for editing.

We recommend that you send the initial email or message asking clients if they would be willing to record a video. Once they have agreed to share their story and experience on video, we can help provide email reminders to your clients with our free follow-up service.

We understand that video quality is a priority for many of our customers, and have taken steps to help make sure we get the best possible video and audio to provide you with professional content.

Videos are recorded using your client’s smartphone camera or webcam, so video quality will vary depending on the camera they have available and room lighting conditions.

For most people, a smartphone will produce the best quality video (with proper room lighting), so we recommend using a phone or external HD USB webcam that can output 1080P video. Integrated laptop webcams are NOT recommended, many are limited to 720P video and will often produce “grainy” video.

While the recordings may not be “perfect,” we’ve found from testing, that raw, real, and authentic videos not only outperform, but also convert much better than “higher-quality” and “overproduced” videos. So, while video quality is important, our main focus is asking the right questions to get powerful personal responses from your clients and students.

Once a client has completed and submitted their video responses, the recordings are sent to our production team for editing. We’ll have the first draft of the video ready for review within 3-4 business days.

You can then request any needed revisions (most revisions are done within 1 day) or mark as complete. Once approved, we’ll transcribe the audio into a formatted text document, and send you the final video files.

Your account manager will also keep you updated with progress reports and notify you if we anticipate any delays. All project communication is sent by email and is available inside your customer dashboard.

While we mainly create testimonial videos, we can also help with creating employee stories (promote workplace culture, recruiting, hiring) and staff bios (personal stories featuring your employees). Let us know and we can create a separate capture page (at no extra cost) to help you collect multiple types of videos.

Yes, good question! We currently offer (3) different types of plans: Pro, Expert, and Leader. All plans include the same features, but are priced depending on the volume of video story testimonials that you need produced each quarter (3 month period).

Every plan is billed quarterly and includes a minimum order of video stories within the billing period.

  • Pro – $299/ Per Story (Starting With 1 Story) Best for 1-2 stories per quarter.
  • Expert – $249/ Per Story (Starting With 3 Stories) Best for 3-5 stories per quarter.
  • Leader – $199/ Per Story (Starting With 6 Stories) Best for 6+ stories per quarter.

Video Story Credits do NOT expire, and will always rollover to the next billing period. Additional Stories can also be purchased for a flat fee if you have more videos that need to be produced within the billing period.

All plans include a 14-day money back guarantee. However, any unused Video Story Credits cannot be refunded (after 14 days), but can still be redeemed at anytime.

For payments, we currently accept credit/debit cards, and all processing is done securely through Stripe.

Need to cancel your account? No, problem! Just submit a support ticket inside the customer dashboard or send us an email and a team member can help with cancelling your account. Your plan will then cancel at the time of your next billing date.

*Your capture page, video storage, and customer data will then be deleted from our system within (30) days of cancellation.